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Ricky Krautman

Ricky Krautman picGrowing up and starting to kick footballs in 8th grade, I started working one on one with a private kicking coach and this continued until after college and through my Pro indoor football career. During all these years, I only attended 1 general kicking camp in the 9th grade, which was not a college camp. I did, however, attend several invitational college kicking camps in my junior year of High School, which was very beneficial because these were for potential scholarships. These college camps only had 5-10 kids there, and it allowed for great competition, but also personalized instruction by the kicking coach or Special Teams coach that was present. It was an awesome experience and I learned a lot, while competing with the top kickers in the country. Thankfully, I was able to pick up a few scholarships at these camps, so it was definitely worth my time! Really the only way to get a potential scholarship for kicking/punting, which is very hard to get still, is to attend one of these invitational college-kicking camps because the college coaching staff wants to see you in person kicking off the ground and wants to make sure that your character is up to par. You won’t get a scholarship by just attending a general big kicking camp, especially with no college coaches present! Going to these big camps may get you good film and on some databases, but again it will not get you a scholarship by being present at these general big kicking camps. You have to attend these college invitational small kicking camps by the end of your junior year to get a real good look and potentially get a scholarship.

Training with a private coach on a consistent basis throughout my kicking career, allowed me to get to know my kicking coach on the next level, always getting great mental advice, and getting ample kicking reps to improve my technique. I was able to develop consistent & solid technique, and was able to get all the individual attention I needed. I was able to ask questions whenever I wanted and essentially have more personalized sessions. Being a visual learner also really helped me while training one on one with my kicking coach. I was able to see what he was doing with his technique and not having to worry about many others interrupting or other coaches trying to teach different techniques. This can cause much confusion and distractions for the kicker, and this is what you encounter at big kicking camps.

Ricky Krautman picI strongly believe in private kicking training vs. having big camps. The main reason why private training sessions are more advantageous than having large camps is the fact that my clients can get FULL kicking/punting reps and it’s more personable for my clients. Getting to know my clients on the next level is crucial because that allows them to instill trust in me and essentially enjoy being at the training session, while learning a lot. During these one on one kicking sessions, I warm up and stretch with my clients. While doing so, we talk about the mental aspect of kicking & punting, which is so important to discuss on a consistent basis. I also talk about life with them and answer any of my client’s questions they might have. I am very patient with all of my clients and take my time with them in each and every session. We go over all the technique stuff, while doing fun drills that relate. Once again, I believe that having big camps causes too many distractions for kids and they usually have to share reps with 20+ other kids. They are not learning the essentials because the coaches are either busy talking to other kids or other coaches, or just not “coaching enough” at these big camps. There is no personable training here. Also, having several coaches at these camps can cause confusion to the kids because they are trying to teach them all different types of technique, and this can cause inconsistency and having the kids think too much about everything. However, I do believe that having mini camps and small group sessions to create a competitive and fun nature between my kicking clients is a must to have every once in a while. This will help them develop a competitive fun nature and thus, not be afraid of competition. During these small group sessions/mini camps, my clients are able to get to know each other and still get ample kicking reps, without having to wait 5 minutes or more to kick or get the next rep. In conclusion, if you want to be a successful-consistent kicker or punter, and want to take your kicking and punting to the next level, private one on one kicking sessions are the way to go!

  • Played youth club soccer growing up until 8th grade. (ODP & Club Soccer)
  • 4 Year Ramapo HS (NJ) Varsity Football Starter as kicker; Broke most school kicking records.
  • HS Prep Star All-American Kicker
  • All State NJ 1st Team 2 Years
  • All Bergen County 1st Team 3 Years
  • 1st Team ALL DECADE Suburban News Team
  • Awarded 5 Full Athletic Scholarships (Syracuse, Rutgers, Marshall, Richmond, and Hofstra University)
  • 1st New Jersey Freshman to ever make AP All State in Football
  • MSG Heisman Trophy Winner for Best Kicker in the Tri State Area
  • NEW JERSEY'S ALL TIME KICK SCORING LEADER with 249 Career Kicking Points
  • Holder of 3 NJ State Kicking Records
  • Holder of 6 Bergen County Kicking Records
  • Captain of the New Jersey Football Team in the Governors Bowl (NY VS NJ) 2003
  • College-Syracuse 3rd Leading Scorer in 2005
  • Played college football at Syracuse from 2003-2005
  • Played college football at William Paterson University in 2006 & 2007
  • All NJAC Conference William Paterson University; Set several school records at William Paterson University.
  • Graduated William Paterson University in January 2010 with a Bachelors Degree. (Majored in Phys Ed/Health/Driver Ed)
  • Certified Health, Driver Ed, & Physical Education Teacher
  • Certified CPR/First Aid
  • Professional Private Kicking/Punting Coach in NJ & throughout Tri-State Area. (Been coaching kickers/punters for over 6 years)
  • Signed Professional Indoor Football Contract with the Roc City Thunder of Rochester, NY: Spring 2013
  • Coached Ross Krautman- former Freshman Sporting News and Football Writers of America All-American Kicker at Syracuse University & All Big East Kicker
  • Over 18 years of football kicking experience
  • In Summer 2013, was the head kicking coach for the USA Football Regional Development Football Camp in NJ.
  • In Winter 2014, I had numerous HS/College kickers/punters that made either All League, All County, All State, All Conference, or All American honors.



Zapata pic

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: 1st team all conference Kicker, 1st team all NJ herald Kicker, & 1st Team ALL STATE All Non-Public PK. Bound for Marist College (NY) next FALL to play football on a full scholarship!

Senior Stats: 46 yard punting avg; 4/7 on fg’s with a long of 37 yards; 42/43 PAT’s; 21 touchbacks.

2015-Senior K/P (Pope John HS, NJ)

Fall 2014 made 1st Team All NJ Herald Kicker, FIRST TEAM ALL CONFERENCE Kicker (NJAC), & 3rd Team All State Non-Public Punter

Was awarded football scholarship to Marist College

Cowan pic

Fall 2015-Junior Kicker/Punter Patrick Cowan (Mahwah HS, NJ)

FALL 2015 Season Accolades: 1st Team All League Kicker, 1st Team All Bergen County Kicker, The Record 2nd Team Kicker All North Jersey Offensive Team, 1st Team All State All-Group 2 PK, 1st Team PK The Ridgewood News All-Suburban Football Offense.

Junior Stats: In two varsity seasons, Pat has converted nine field goals & set the program’s distance record at 42 yards this past season. He made 5 field goals this past season and connected on 62/65 PAT kicks (2 were blocked), upping his career extra-point numbers to 99-of-105, or 94.3 percent. Punting Avg was 40 yards. Currently being recruited by some great colleges!

2014 Fall Season Accolade: 2014 Sophomore of the Year

Lee pic

Fall 2015-Junior Kicker/Punter Dennis Lee (John S. Burke Catholic HS, NY)

Junior Stats: 39 yard punting avg with a long of 57 yards; 29/30 PAT’s; 1/2 on fg’s with a long of 42 yards; 11 touchbacks.

Delgobbo pic

Fall 2015-Junior Kicker Patrick Delgobbo (Liverpool HS, NY)

Fall 2015 Season Accolade: Honorable Mention All League Kicker

Junior Stats: 6/6 on FG’s with a long of 28 yards; 33/37 on PAT’s (2 Blocked)

DanDeAngelis pic

Fall 2015-Sophomore Kicker Dan DeAngelis (Ramsey HS, NJ)

Fall 2015 Season Accolade: 1st Team All League Kicker, Honorable Mention All County.

Sophomore Stats: 3/3 fg’s with a long of 33 yards; 22/23 on PAT’s.

Ribeiro pic

Fall 2015-Junior K/P Branden Ribeiro (Colonia HS, NJ)

Fall 2015 Season: Branden had a productive season, doing all the kicking & punting chores. He has worked with me on a consistent basis, improving after each session.

Cordaro pic

Fall 2015-Senior K/P Ethan Cordaro (Don Bosco Prep HS, NJ)

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: 1st Team All League Kicker, 3rd Team All Bergen County Kicker, The Record 1st Team All North Jersey Offensive Team Kicker, 3rd Team All State Non-Public PK, Honorable Mention KICKER MSG All-Metro Football Team, 2nd Team PK The Ridgewood News All-Suburban Football Defense. “Perhaps the best kickoff man in North Jersey, he regularly produced touchbacks for the Ironmen.” (The Record) Ethan is also a great student & will be attending Carnegie Mellon University next fall!

Senior Stats: 39/41 PAT’s; 7/10 field goals, including a long of 41 yards; 39 yard punt avg, while landing 9 punts inside the 20 yd line; 80% touchbacks.

O’Riordan pic

Fall 2015-Senior K/P Rory O’Riordan (Tappan Zee HS, NY)

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: 1st Team Kicker All Rockland County; Participated in the Section 1 All-Star Game. Currently being recruited by several colleges!

Senior Stats: 4/6 on fg’s with a long of 43 yards; 58 yard kickoff avg with 12 touchbacks; 40.4 yard punting avg with a long of 51 yards; 23/25 on PAT’s (1 Blocked)

Mitropoulos pic

Fall 2015-Senior Kicker Yanni Mitropoulos (NV Old Tappan HS, NJ)

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: 1st Team All League Kicker, 2nd Team All Bergen County Kicker, Honorable Mention Kicker MSG ALL-METRO FOOTBALL TEAM. Currently being recruited by several colleges!

Senior Stats: 3/4 on fg’s; 51/53 on PAT’s; 20 touchbacks.

Palmera pic

2015-Sophomore Kicker/Punter (Central Connecticut State University)

Sophomore Stats: 3 touchbacks; 3/4 on PAT’s, 1 FG.

2014 College Season: Handled kickoffs for CCSU
Took 28 kickoffs, totaling 1,538 yards and averaged 54.9 yards
Recorded three touchbacks.

2013 HS Career: Played high school football at Trinity Pawling. (NY)
Was named All-Erickson League and All-New England.

Martinez pic

2015-Redshirt Freshman Kicker (University of Delaware)

Fall 2015 Season: Handled kickoffs in a few games this season.

2013 Wayne Hills HS, NJ
Made 1st Team All Passaic County
Made 3rd Team All State NJ Group 4
Set NJ State record for making 105 consecutive PAT’s

Hinchen pic

2015-Junior K/P (Villanova University, PA)

Junior Stats: Averaged 40.7 yards punting.

Averaged 40 yards a punt in Fall 2014

Fall 2012 Northern Highlands HS, NJ: 1st Team All Bergen County Punter

Tricarico pic

2015-Senior Kicker (Staples HS, Conn)

Bound for University of Rochester (NY) next FALL to play football.

Senior Stats: 30/32 on PAT’s; 1 FG; 16 Touchbacks.

Fall 2014 made First Team All State Kicker Connecticut & MSG honorable mention ALL Metro Team Tied Connecticut State Kicking Record for most fg’s in a season (12)

Broke Staples HS longest FG record: 48 Yard FG Several colleges currently showing high interest in Paul

Myles pic

2015-Junior K/P/QB (Glenridge HS, NJ)

Fall 2015 Season Accolade: 1st Team Offense Super Essex Conference

Junior Stats: 4/5 on fg’s with a long of 47 yards; 9/10 on PAT’s; 5 Touchbacks.

Fall 2014 made Special Teams Player Of The Year Award for the 2nd straight year Selected for the ALL-Super Essex Conference 2nd Team Offense

Richards pic

2015-Freshman K/P (University of Rochester, NY)

Fall 2015 Football Season: Competed for the starting kicking & punting spot at the University of Rochester (NY).

Fall 2014 Cato-Meridian HS (NY): Made 1st Team All League Kicker & 2nd Team All State NY CLASS D Kicker

Dietrich pic

2015-Senior Kicker (SUNY Maritime College, NY)

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: d3football.com Pre-season 1st Team All-American kicker, Eastern Collegiate Football Conference All-Conference 1st Team kicker, National Bowl starting kicker, ECAC North All-Star Kicker, d3football.com All-East Region team Kicker! Earned ECFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors on three occasions this past 2015 football season. Currently receiving NFL interest!

Senior Stats: 11/14 fg’s (2 Blocked) Long of 52 yards, 31/33 PAT’s (1 Blocked)

2015-Pre-season First Team All American Kicker

Fall 2014 made ECFC Special Teams Player of the Year for the 2nd straight year & 3rd Team All-American kicker

He also got invited to the Washington Redskins NFL Pro Day

DeAngelis pic

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: William Paterson Football Awards Banquet "Offensive Freshman of the Year and Special Teams Player the Year" Made the Deans List for the Fall Semester!

Freshman Stats: Made 8 fg’s, with a long of 44 yards; 25/27 on PAT’s.

2015-Freshman K/P (William Paterson University, Wayne NJ)

Fall 2014 Ramsey HS, NJ: Made 1st Team NJ All Big North Conference All Division

Vagias pic

Fall 2015 Season: Competed for starting kickoff & punting spot at URI. (Red-Shirted)

2015-Freshman K/P (University of Rhode Island)

Fall 2014 Don Bosco Prep HS: Made 1st Team All Bergen County Kicker, 2nd Team All State NJ Kicker, 1st Team All Suburban Kicker, & 1st Team All-State Non Public NJ Kicker Verbally committed and signed National Letter of Intent with URI in Feb 2015 to kick and punt Was awarded football scholarship Fall 2014 was voted NJ’s best kicker

Lalumia pic

Fall 2015 Season: Competed for 1st Team Kicker and 1st Team Punter. Handled 10 kickoffs this season.

2015-Freshman K/P (Western New England University, Mass)

Fall 2014 Hackensack HS, NJ: Made 1st Team All North Jersey Kicker & 2nd Team All Bergen County

Williams pic

2015-Senior K/P (Hazleton Area HS, PA)

Senior Stats: 4/5 on fg’s with a long of 43 yards; 25/27 PAT’s; 39 yd Punt Avg with a long of 64 yards; 8 touchbacks.

Fall 2015 Season Accolades: WVC ALL STAR PUNTER, Standard Speaker All Area Football Team (Kicker & Punter) Selected to the UNICO All Star Game, 2nd in school history with career FG’s & kicking points. Currently being recruited by several top D-2 schools.

Fall 2014: Made Wyoming Valley Conference Honorable Mention and also made "The Standard Speaker" newspaper ALL AREA Honorable Mention

Krautman pic

Ross Krautman (younger brother of Ricky Krautman)

2010-2011 Syracuse University(NY): Former All-American Kicker 2010-2011 Former All Big East Kicker

Leading point scorer for Syracuse in 2010, 2011, and 2012

Ramapo HS (NJ) (2006-2009)

4 year starter-Made 123-124 PAT’s throughout HS career(State Record)

Highest extra point percentage in NJ state history

Hit 18 fg’s total at Ramapo HS during his 4 year HS career

Selected for All American HS Bowl Game in 2010


Listen to a recent podcast of Ricky Krautman appearing on "SNY.tv Syracuse Podcasts"

cloud pic


Tristan Williams

Senior K/P client, Hazelton Area HS PA

Williams picI started kicking lessons the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. I never kicked a football before August of my freshman year…never. After my first lesson my Dad and I noticed a great improvement. I learned everything from my warm ups and stretching right through how to cope and react to a missed FG. I am by far the most flexible player on my HS team. I have never pulled a muscle, my team counts on me every week; Coach Krautman taught me how to stay fit, flexible and ready to go. I never knew my core strength would be so important; the workout routine Coach Krautman set me up with is a great way to develop the muscles I use each time. If I were to rely only on my HS “kicking” coach, I would still be kicking off a 2” block and barely hitting 35-yard field goals.

Over the course of 2-3 years, I transferred to a 1” block and then off the ground. As a junior, I would see senior kickers using a 2” block. My Dad and I always said they were no way prepared to make the step to college. The summer before my senior year I was 100% off the ground, hitting 53-yard field goals as my longest. My head coach told me to use the 1” block during games and I have hit 56-yard field goals during practice with the team. Not to sound too confident, but I am very comfortable from 40+ yards now. I was a pretty bad punter until Coach Krautman. Now I get a nice spiral and great height and distance. I punt 40+ yds each time and can place them pretty good too. I get enough height to allow my coverage team to force a fair catch just about every time. As for Kickoffs, I hit the football to the 5-yard line and get touchbacks often. Again, my height is so good, that the receiver gets tackled inside the 15-yard line almost every time. Let’s say this, my family and I would travel 5 hours round trip for my lessons, and we looked forward to doing it. I owe all my success to Coach Krautman!

Jim Tricarico

Paul Tricarico’s Father, Westport Connecticut

Tricarico picAfter a long soccer career, my son Paul Tricarico didn’t take up kicking a football until his sophomore year in High School. While possessing a strong leg, Paul lacked the fundamentals of kicking due to his lack of experience. We then started working with Coach Krautman who worked with Paul on his kicking fundamentals. Coach Krautman combined his passion for kicking, patience, and experience to help Paul become the Connecticut MSG ALL-State and All Metro honorable mention kicker in 2014. Paul also set the Connecticut record for most field goals in a season (12-17) and the longest field goal in Staples High School history (48 yards). With 6 more field goals in 2015, Paul will have the career record for most field goals in Connecticut high school history. Paul has been actively recruited by many top universities and we owe it all to Coach Krautman.

Richard Conte

Danny Conte’s Father, Rochelle Park NJ

As you know Danny's HS kicking experience ended in December on a rainy night at Met Life Stadium. I would like to personally thank you for all of your interest you took in Danny and the extra time you spent to make Danny a better kicker. When you worked with him 3 years ago, I never thought he would have kicked for Paramus Catholic that won 2 State Championships. The fact that you believed in him, gave Danny the confidence and opportunity to succeed. Now he has several D2 & D3 opportunities and Danny has decided to compete for the kicker position at Rowan University. As a parent, I am grateful for your dedication, mentoring and wisdom that you provided him. Just to think that this all started with my older son Philip that you helped in his senior year of kicking. I remember those cold winters at Ramapo HS that most coaches would have canceled. Anyway, just a sincere thank you Ricky for being a great mentor, coach and friend.

Kenny Myles

Matt Myles Father, Glen Ridge NJ

Myles picRicky has been working with my son, a junior in high school, for 2 years now, and he has been a tremendous help. Not just with the physical aspects of kicking, but with the mental aspect as well, which is as important, if not more so. He has also been there on short notice, just to help with minor issues that come up. I would recommend Ricky as a kicking coach without reservation, and as a person as well.

Christina DeAngelis

Nick & Dan DeAngelis Mother, Ramsey NJ

DeAngelis picA big thank you to this amazing kicking coach for teaching my sons. His patience, dedication and enthusiasm to his students is above and beyond. Once again thank you for all you do and continue to do. We truly appreciate you and your talent.

Collin Richards

Freshman K/P client, University of Rochester NY

DeAngelis picHaving the privilege of working with Coach Ricky Krautman has dramatically changed my kicking technique and success. Coach Krautman is more than just a coach. He is a mentor and he genuinely cares for my success on and off the field. From simple questions on kicking to game day advice, he's always been there with answers to help me get better. Coach Krautman brings a contagious passion to kicking, and his passion to help me resulted in improvement on my field goals and punts. Thanks to him, I've made it to college football where I will continue to pursue my passion for kicking at the University of Rochester, NY. Coach Krautman's experience at all levels of kicking make him an invaluable resource to kickers trying to excel at any level. The time and money that you invest in Coach Ricky Krautman will yield a reward far greater. If you're ready to get better, contact him ASAP. Emailing Coach Krautman during high school was the best football decision I have ever made.

Molly Delgobbo

Patrick Delgobbo’s Mother, Liverpool NY

Our son, Patrick had been a soccer player for many years when he was asked to join the school's football team as kicker/ punter in his freshman year of high school. Patrick had never even played Pop Warner, but really wanted to give football a try. He did well his first year, so well in fact he was moved to the Varsity team his sophomore year as a second string kicker. We realized Patrick was serious about his kicking, but Varsity is a much higher level with greater expectations. We knew if Patrick was going to be a success at the Varsity level, he needed professional instruction and guidance, which is when we contacted Coach Krautman. From our first meeting with Coach Krautman, we knew we had made the right choice. All of the instruction is done one on one and on a college football field. Coach Krautman has spent time discussing the importance of focus, confidence, and repetition to develop skills. Sessions include kicking instruction and practice with focus on technique and form, along with exercises and stretches to improve strength and accuracy. Coach Krautman also talks about the mental game with Patrick. Patrick is kicking for his Class AA Varsity team doing PAT’s and field goals this year. He is dedicated and motivated and continues to improve. He will continue to work with Coach Krautman, as we have found him to be an outstanding coach and mentor.

Wendy Weis

Kyle Weis’ Mother, Rockaway NJ

Coach Ricky Krautman is not only a great kicking coach, but he also has been an excellent mentor to my son Kyle who just started working with him this past Spring. Kyle was a punter for his HS football team but had limited experience kicking PATs and field goals. In only a few months, Coach Ricky Krautman worked with Kyle to improve his form and technique giving him the confidence to try out for his college football team (Springfield College) this season. Thanks for everything! We look forward to working with you again in the off-season.

Maria Rodrigues

Brandon Ribeiro’s Mother, Colonia HS, Colonia NJ

Branden has been working with Coach Krautman for about 6 months and couldn't be happier. Working with Coach Krautman one on one has taught Branden new techniques that he has been implementing in his every day practices and during games at Colonia HS. These techniques are and will continue to make Branden the best kicker/punter he can be!


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